Desktop Gym®

Tuesday 11:35 At your computer, working efficiently. Your neck just started that achey thing it does. It dawns on you that your backside feels like part of the chair.

Then the Desktop Gym session notification appears onscreen. You hit ‘Go’.


Desktop Gym® fitness app

Easily set up customized video-based sessions of exercises and stretches that rev up your mood, mind and body while you're on the job. Choose where to focus on your body, session length, daily frequency, music, notifications and much more.


Printed and eBook versions

Desktop Gym® books feature pages with large how-to photos, instructions and tips found on the app. Get your eyes off the computer screen and swipe or flip your way through moving your body whenever you like.


Info and quotes

Get answers on licensing, and technical info on installing Desktop Gym® for the people that power your company or organization. Explore private labelling options, info on book versions, and more.