Desktop Gym® Book

The homey, photo-less, double-sided, black and white instruction sheets I'd used since 1997 have mercifully upped their game.

Introducing Desktop Gym® stand up, spiral bound flip books. Volumes of exercises and stretches keep you more relaxed, toned and alert while they give your eyes a break from the screen. Each volume contains big color pages of 50+ mostly seated exercises with clear instructions and tips. Sections for Arms, Torso, Legs and Combinations let you target where you want to tone, stretch or relax. Even if you don't use a computer but tend to be sedentary, you'll feel the benefits.

Desktop Gym® eBook

Even on my ancient iPad, I got great workouts and stretches while writing and producing the Desktop Gym app and book versions.

Keep your body fit, toned and stretched whether you're on the go or on the job. The same movements available in the printed flip books have been digitized to use while you're on electronic devices like tablets, eBook readers, cell phones and computers. Identical to the printed book volumes, Desktop Gym® eVolumes let you scroll or swipe to follow along. Many of the movements can be adapted to use while traveling or use them to just get up and moving after sitting too long.

Our printed book and eBook versions will be available in late 2019 and are in pre-order now. For requests about seeing more sample pages, private labelling options, sales platforms, costs and other inquiries - Contact Us