Desktop Gym®

Tuesday 11:20 After 3 minutes of Desktop Gym®, your backside has feeling in it again and your neck just plain feels better.

The driving force behind any business is its PEOPLE, whose muscles, joints, and emotional states don’t exactly thrive by sitting in front of a computer all day. Install Desktop Gym® to de-stress, stretch, realign and wake everybody up.


Dennis Clark, founder

My advertising career began in 1975, before the 'digital age'.

By 1995 I was a wreck. Moonlighting as a Yoga teacher to get fit again, I found my emotional and mental states improved, too.

When I did a few conscious stretches at work, I felt better.

I wanted to share this lightening bolt, so in the late 1990's I began teaching seated exercises at companies in Atlanta, GA.

In 2005 I made a huge life change, and I'm not finished yet.

I now own a Pilates studio where I use movement and body/mind awareness to fix my clients' issues caused by sedentary jobs.

I applied my movement and advertising skills to the need.

In 2015 I created Desktop Gym® for the workplace - a computer-based fitness app, a printed stand-up flip book and an eBook.

Desktop Gym® guides you in conscious movement at work.

The exercises and stretches help keep you in physical and mental shape for what the business world throws at you everyday.